Indoor Garden Kit


Indoor Garden Kit

  • Our Indoor Garden Kits bring your space to life! These unique gifts include seeds or bulb, US made glass vessel, soil-less mix, cork coaster, and directions. 


    Basil: King of the herbs, basil is a favorite among many cooks for its incredible flavor, which is at its peak when used fresh from the plant. The sweet tasting miniature leaves are ready for use straight off the plant. No chopping or mincing required. For best flavor, add fresh basil at the end of the cooking process.


    Lavender: This highly aromatic plant is a favorite among many people. It is an evergreen that will produce flowers every summer after its second year of growth. Just brush your hands over its foliage for an exhilarating burst of fragrance. It is also excellent as a culinary herb.


    Paperwhite (Narcissus): Few other flowers can match the graceful beauty of Narcissus. Their tall mid-green leaves and stalks give way to beautiful blooms that top each stem. With its striking fragrance, coupled with the delicate white flowers, these beautiful flowering bulbs looks perfect in our clear glass vessels.


    Made in USA (Idaho).


    Vessel dimensions are 3.8 inches wide x 4.1 inches tall.


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